Renaissance – 1350-1600

‘Civilization’ reaches maturity. Thinkers reformulated ideas from antiquity and created political and economic systems that are still in use even today. The drabness of the Middle Ages begins to fade away. “Memento mori” (I live to die) becomes “Carpe Diem” (seize the day). In the Netherlands, resistance to the tyranny of the Spaniards marked the beginning of the ‘Eighty Years’ War. An era with multiple skills mastered by a single person. Look at someone like Michelangelo for instance who was painter, sculptor, philosopher, writer, and he was also a worthy cook.

The men, with moustache and goatee wore beautifully finished, fitted jackets with a white collar, short breeches and white stockings. The women wore a tight corset, hoop dresses exuberant heavy fabric to the ground. We have all these costume-styles of course for hire, except for the moustache and goatee.

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